Delta series flush-to-wall sanitary ware - Wc + Bidet + Toilet cover First choice - CERTIFIED ©

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Delta series flush sanitary ware - Toilet + Bidet + Toilet cover First choice - CERTIFIED ©

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Complete series of “Delta Series” sanitary ware in stain-resistant porcelain ceramic 


The Delta series represents a new and modern flush-to-the-wall sanitaryware project, conceived by expert designers who try to reconcile the needs of the end user. The flush-to-the-wall bathroom fixtures are widely appreciated for their simplicity and solidity, a key point for their solidity and use without special precautions.

The soft design recalls the fluidity of water flow, a style that also allows to contain consumption and improve hygiene by type of drainage pipe.

The pair of sanitary ware is terra complete with fixing kit and accessories contains:

Dimensions of the toilet and bidet cm. 56x36x39;

• 1 Delta Series WC - certified / CE;

• 1 Delta Series Bidet - certified / CE;

• 4 steel floor fixings;  

• Softclose toilet cover included;

• Qt. 1 - Technical curve for sanitary ware

• Unalterable stain-resistant porcelain ceramic.

 First choice - CERTIFIED ©

Easy to clean thanks to the new systems stain, the surface finish allows the maintenance of the color tone during the time.

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