Bamboo / Giant Bamboo for outdoor stain-resistant frost ETERNO

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Bamboo / bamboo joint

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Bamboo / Giant Bamboo for outdoor stain-resistant frost ETERNO


Dimensions: 10 x 50 cm.

Thickness: 1 cm.

High impact resistance ceramic material

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Resistant to direct sun and frost

Very high quality finish

This product was awarded the gold award at the Ceramics Fair

First choice - CERTIFIED© 

Rare pieces with an unlimited edition.

First company in Europe in terms of quality and deposited European certifications

  1. UNE - EN ISO 10545-3 AA - 3% ≤ 6%                   Determination of water absorption, of apparent porosity
  2. UNE - EN ISO 10545-4 RF - ≥ 22 N / mm2                           Determination of the modulus of failure and of the breaking force
  3. UNE - EN ISO 10545-9 - R-CH-T                                   Determination of resistance to temperature changes
  4. UNE - EN ISO 1054514 - M 5                                       Determination of stain resistance
  5. UNE - EN ISO 10545-13 - SEAWEED                                  Determination of chemical resistance (Chemical agents 1 - level)
  6. UNE - EN ISO 10545-13 - L GLA                                  Determination of chemical resistance (Chemical agents 2 - level)
  7. UNE - EN ISO 10545-13 - H GHA                                 Determination of chemical resistance (Chemical agents 3 - level)
  8. UNE 67–101 8                                                                Wear / scratch resistance
  9. UNE - ENV 12633 Unpolished and polished slip resistance / slip value
  10. UNE - EN ISO 10545–7 IEP 4                                        Determination of the resistance to surface abrasion for glazed tiles                  

Warm tones, full-bodied reliefs make this 3D floor of the highest quality unique!

Il Bamboo (In English Bamboo) is the term used to identify a group of plants of the grass family that has about 1400 species and 100 genera, fast growing, similar to other grasses such as rice, corn, wheat, etc .; there are different types of bamboo, from tropical to those that are well suited to temperate and cold climates.

Bamboo is native to tropical and sub-tropical regions mostly of the Far East, we also find spontaneous species in Africa, Oceania and America, but bamboo is also found naturally in temperate areas, at latitudes from 46 ° N to 47 ° S, from sea level up to 4000 meters of altitude (IFAR / INBAR, 1991, Tewari, 1992).

The term Bamboo originates from the Malai language “Mambu” and was then translated into English with the better known name of Bamboo; its introduction in Italy is attributed to Prof. Orazio Fenzi, a Tuscan botanist and is dated 1884.

Bamboos are shrubby plants, evergreen, very vigorous, their height can vary from a few centimeters up to 40 meters and the diameter can reach 30 cm. The range of shapes and colors is also varied and wide: you can meet bamboo in yellow, black, striped, climbing and even thorny colors. The Phyllostachys genus is certainly the most widespread and well-known in Italy, it is frequently confused with the Arundo donax, present throughout the peninsula along slopes and slopes.

Material : Ceramics stain resistant to thermal changes and frost.

Production : Last generation stain.

Shipping   :  KASKO INSURANCE "Included in the price".


Images      :  Real photos in compliance with customer expectations.

  1. It is a good idea for tilers to advise customers when ordering, a minimum request of 10% additional flooring, useful for material cuts during installation and in consideration of electrical / hydraulic interventions.
  2. Easy to clean thanks to the new systems stain, the surface finish allows the maintenance of the color tone during the time.
  3. NB: Possibility of sending samples to demonstrate the high quality standard.

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