Niche shower enclosure 153 - 154 - 155 - 156 - 157 Sliding Door

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Niche shower enclosure in tempered glass 


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The crystal glass of this shower enclosure has the "Easy Clean" anti-limescale treatment for maximum ease of cleaning, offering unprecedented shine.




• Primary aluminum alloy profiles;

 Cristallo thermally hardened;

 Glass resistant to thermal changes; 

   • Height: 195 cm.

 Handles: Length 22 cm. and thickness 2 cm .;

 Side profiles: 4,7 x 2,6 cm.;

 Upper profiles: 4,7 x 2,2 cm.;

 Reversible with watertight closure;

 Hardware kit for fixing in non-toxic trivalent chrome;

 Compliance UNI EN 12150.



   4 Fixed trolleys with double roller;

 •  4 Trolleys with quick release button and double roller;

 •  Vertical adjustment doors;

   Quick release device;

   Double magnetic door lock "contains permanent magnets";

   Reversible installability;

  Descaling treatment;

 • Cristallo hardened from 6 mm. a choice between printed and transparent;

  Tested on 20.000 opening and closing cycles;



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  • What is Compliance UNI EN 12150 ? ​​  This European Standard specifies the characteristics relating to tolerances, to flatness, to the processing of BORDI, to fragmentation and to the physical and mechanical aspects of monolithic flat safety glasses of soda lime silicate thermally hardened, for use in construction.


Ideal for environments that require a higher quality product or such intensive use, recommended for luxury bathrooms, hotels, B & Bs and SPAs.




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Ceramica Sud is the leader in the bathroom furniture sector, currently celebrating its 35th anniversary.

We only market medium-high-end items, the oversized niche shower enclosure is a high quality shower enclosure in a modern minimal style.


NB: We are first of all people available to provide information, for any request regarding dimensions, finishes or the creation of custom-made niche shower enclosures, do not hesitate to contact us at 0832 – 834946  /  324 a.m. - 0564262 p.m.  ->  WhatsApp


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